Weekend, Is That You?

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Hi friends. How are you? Even though it's been a short week, I feel like I've been crawling to the finish line that is this Friday. Patrick & I both started the week with ridiculous flight times and are still trying to get back on a normal routine. And as much as I've enjoyed all the recent trips, I sure am looking forward to staying put. The apartment is full of half-empty suitcases and clutter that needs to be dealt with and I have a feeling a crazy little lady cleaning spree is about to happen. So yes - hoping to tackle some to-dos & start some new projects this weekend after getting my life in order, whatever the hell that really means. :)

Here are a few links I wanted to share!

I want to write this quote and hang it in my dining room one day.

I love all these black & white pillows!

Did you see the Breaking Dawn Part II trailer at the VMAs last night? And then Patrick showed me this Twilight lip reading spoof that is hilarious (slash bizarre) to watch.

Adore Magazine has released Lovely, an adorable online wedding magazine.

Um, look at these pictures from the International Pug Meeting in Berlin.

A tip for how to keep your avocados from turning brown.

I'm always on a mission to find my signature wrapping paper, one that I can restock again and again - and one where people know a certain gift is from me. (this dream also involves a wrapping station and craft room - one day!) I'm still on that mission, but look how cute this wrapping paper is from Sugar Paper!

How cool are these flats?

A smart way to think about food.

A cute fall dress for under $50.

I've had this little rollerball perfume in my purse for a month or so now and I'm kind of obsessed with the scent. I swear I've been asked by strangers on two different occasions what perfume I'm wearing!

I told you how much I love DQ blizzards and then I found this make-your-own recipe - ahhh!

burgundy bags for fall.

I leave you with this quote.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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