Fall Fashion

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I don't know about you, but I could sift through pictures of fall fashion for days. I love all the rich colors, textures, and fabrics. You spend the summer trying to just feel comfortable in the heat and once the temperatures drop, you can add weight in your outfit with accessories and layers and poof! much more interesting ensembles materialize. 

I finally switched out my fall / winter clothes this weekend - which in a tiny Manhattan apartment means putting the underbed bins with sweaters and jeans on the side of the bed that's easier to get to. (Goodness gracious, I look forward to the chapter of life when there is nothing underneath my bed. Will that ever happen??) After donating quite a bit this spring, I feel like I could use some key pieces for the upcoming colder months -- although I haven't quite narrowed it down to what exactly. Maybe a wear-everywhere blazer? A tweed shift dress for the office? Tan skinny jeans? A trench coat? Leather pants that would be impossible to pull off but I wanna try anyways? We'll see.

My only fall purchase thus far?

M.A.C Amorous lipstick + Absolutely It pro longwear lip pencil
(I also have gloss on in the picture.)

What about you? Have you bought any amazing fall clothing items?
Anything you're dying to get your hands on? Or anything you wish you could find, but haven't been able to yet? I'd love to hear.

For now, I'll continue just looking at fall fashion. 
At least my smackers are set for the seasonal update. ;)

until next time,