Little Bit of Lately

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...the only water bottle that makes me drink enough H2O.
a big thanks to the friend who made me get one! ;)

"Oh so you got your blue belt in karate?" 
- Patrick, as I was hugging him goodbye that morning.
Normally, I'd roll my eyes with a "Paaatricckkk!" 
but I just giggled.
all. day. long.

I jingle jangled all over the big apple.

The best workouts still happen in my boarding school athletic uniform.
Don't i look lovely narrrsty?

My trainer was appalled at two things: how long I had been wearing my sneakers
and the fact that I require training wheels to ride a bike. No chance I'm fixing
the second issue (bicycles are terrifying!), so I dragged myself to Jack Rabbits to 
get matched with some new kicks. (I went with the yellow!)

(it's been chilly enough to wear jackets - hooray!)

I live near a balloon store and seeing them bob around the neighborhood
always gives me the biggest smile.

Speaking of smiles, I got home close to 8:30 last night - incredibly weary - and Patrick opened the door with a giant grin before I could finish turning my key and quickly showed me the salsa chicken dish he had prepared. (Btw, it was incredible.) Sometimes, I think back to when I was here alone and I'd open that door to a soundless home and stand over the sink and eat my "dinner." I still have my moments when I love the alone time...the Sunday mornings when he leaves by 6:15am for work or the random nights that I have by myself to sprawl out with my crafts...but he keeps coming back and I sure am thankful for the company...and for the noise of the large man screaming at the T.V. about some 40-yard pass even though I never have the slightest clue what it means...and for the days I get to the gym and realize I've accidentally grabbed his giant holey socks that go up to my calves...and for the have-a-good-day-I'll-check-in-with-you-later's and most of all, for the goodbyes that are only for a few hours instead of a few months...

Oh, yes. I sure am thankful.

until next time,