How to Kill a Moth

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"Well...I think he had a heart attack," Patrick gravely claimed after he swatted the broom at the moth. By the way, I bought that broom days before this happened. Guys, it's my very first full-size broom! Alas, my diploma for graduating to adulthood must be lost in the mail.

There are moments such as the one above that make me grin with a pout and shake my head. Out of our lengthy history with ups and downs and all that we've been through, it's these kind of moments that we are sharing for the first time right now. ...Like tackling dirty dishes as a team and debating whether or not hot water really kills germs. (He says it doesn't which is crazy-talk and would nullify everything I know about cleaning.) Or when he doesn't really know what to make of his kooky sentimental girlfriend when I cry over everything from a thank-you note to a sappy commercial to nothing at all. (Men don't understand the crying-just-because phenomenon which is, like, so silly.) Or when I stubbed my toe in the dark on something he put on the floor and screamed obscenities until my thumb accidentally hit the appropriate buttons on my iPhone that made Jason Mraz start singing 93 Million Miles and neither of us had any idea what the heck was going on so we just laughed uncontrollably. Or the myriad of times when I inquire about something's whereabouts like how a new box of tissues "jumped" into the shower. Or, ya know, when I watched as he and the big blue broom followed the tiny brown moth as it fluttered around the apartment.

And who am I kidding? I'm no angel. In this time of "bonding" we'll call it, there have been plenty of moments where we have peered at the other with a look of, "really?!"

Like this.

I don't know about him - he could be plotting his escape as I type - but as high as my eyebrows jump in disbelief at his antics, I still think he's pretty great. Is that love? Maybe. ;)

Oh, and for the record? The moth regained consciousness from his heart attack and I caught it and squished it in my little hand. In other words, the Hart attacked. (Had to.) And  that, my friends, is how to kill a moth.

until next time,