Sights & Moments

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a few recent
 sights & moments 

"Brooch the Subject" by essie.
I walked through a Gossip Girl set and saw Chuck Bass' dog.
And then I went to dinner at Rosa Mexicano in Lincoln Square 
and Hoda was sitting outside. She's either whistling or slurping up a noodle.
I had been saving this birthday card for a dear friend I actually 
met on Craig's List (we were roomies for a bit!) for approximately 10 months.
When it's this good, you buy it early. :)
1 WTC.
an afternoon on Governors Island.
the big apple.

He looks like a giant in this picture because he is a giant.

I spent an afternoon with this pretty girl! 
...and then I made a newsworthy discovery.
Graeter's ice cream in NYC!
Ohio fam, if you're reading this, I miss you!
Leaving the office to this means one thing...Obama's here!
This is what happens when you ask Patrick to buy stamps. :)
"Vanity Fairest" by essie.
 ( of my favorites! It has a slight sheen of glitter in person.)
practicing ma' swirls.

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