In the Kitchen

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As you know, cooking has always been a challenge for moi, the little lady. It's even more of a challenge now that I have to feed the giant-with-the-bottomless-stomach that moved in. ("What? A smoothie won't suffice? A cheese sandwich? A peanut butter sandwich? An avocado? Whatdoya mean that's not a real dinner?") I have to give it to him, though - he's been cooking up a storm lately. And I'm not complaining! However, each time we make something we're always saying, "if only we had..." We barely have the basics, folks. As in no pan that has a top. (Hello, hot liquid splatter!) As in none of the dishes actually match. As in zero adult-sized plates. As in we-have-no-counter-space. It's kind of like cooking in one of those Little Tikes kitchen playsets where there are fake buttons, rubber hamburgers, and knives that cut wooden carrots that are adhered with velcro. The thing is, there is no room for any of the supplies we actually need. My dad visited this weekend and asked if he could bring up my grandmother's set of silver flatware, expecting that we would actually use it. Um, our drawer barely fits our 4 forks from Bed Bath & Beyond thankyouverymuch. Perhaps there is a full-size kitchen in my future and perhaps I will learn what one actually does in a full-size kitchen aside from using it as an art room. But for now? I'm having fun watching Patrick cook improvising and imagining what I would buy if there was room. I bet you have room. Have you ever heard of the little San Francisco shop, Pot + Pantry? Lookie here.
(and shop here!)

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