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What's cookin', good lookin'? Any fun plans this weekend? I got a lot goin' on...multiple parties and a mountain of to-dos, but I'm also desperately hoping to catch up on sleep. Not sure how it happened (well, yes I am), but I'm at the just-got-hit-by-a-bus stage. This weather isn't helping. Also, our fingers are crossed that the plumber can fix our current apartment issue. It's a long story - but to give you a little insight - we discovered last night that if we turned on the sink faucet, the tub would fill up with water...from the drain...and then it wouldn't go back down the drain. (-.-) Anyhoo, we can't complain because ladies & gents, it's Friiiiiday!

here are a few links for your day ::

10 celebs you never knew had a twin.

one bonkers squirrel.

fox-print scarf.

a helpful when-to-wash-it guide.

NYC girl.

P & I are going to try and make this pumpkin turkey chili.

What a beautiful post about a baby's arrival, all in photos.

12 things successful people do differently.

looks like even Da Vinci made rough drafts.

This recipe sounds scrumptious!

cute wall hook - would be easy to DIY!

50 children's books with a positive message.

advice from a couple married for 60 years.

We've been playing this new album around the apartment.

day designer.

and finally, a good reminder.

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