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a farewell gathering for a friend headed to Spain for grad school!
*the adorable one in the red lipstick.
i told her she should start a blog 
and this is me publicly reinforcing that suggestion. ;) 
Patrick reminded me last night that we're approaching 3 months 
of him being down here...
...longest stretch of us being together in the same place since college. 
Forgive me for my sappiness, but I am so happy it scares me.
"WAIT. Were you in my tent when we were 10 years old at Camp Alleghany?"
From West Virginia to NYC, it's all a small world.
how cute is my friend's hat??
another farewell :( to this amazingly talented lady.
and yes, we posed with an inflatable palm tree.
puffy vests, shoez, and Patrick's new favorite beer by Left Hand Brewing Co.
(the name is fitting as he's a southpaw himself!)
so let's all go out and fail at something, k?
until next time,