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So my trainer moved to a new gym and it's 100x nicer than the last place so I have officially switched my membership. Pretty exciting - especially considering winter is right around the corner. It's sandwiched between two of my favorite paper supply stores and thus, totally meant to be. Biggest selling point? Mouthwash in the locker room. It certainly was not  when we accidentally walked in on an elderly gentleman getting a massage during the spa portion of the tour. "Sh*t! Somebody's in here! Back up, back up, back up."

My trainer is always adding new "rules." Yesterday, I was ready to leave after a grueling hour - ya know, after I regained the sensation of feeling in my body to stand without wobbling - and he was all, "And where do you think you're going?"

Followed by a, "Ha! There's the Virginia face! The I'm-a-gonna-kill-you-face! Now go run."

Oh, and he wants me to cut carbs after lunch (quick! polish off that burrito!) and he wants me to "eat more protein, such as whey."

.......................say what?

My only knowledge of whey is that you eat it with curds while you sit on a tuffet waiting for the damn spider to come scare the bejezus out of you. Nahthanks.

But then I realized the new shiny gym has a smoothie bar and whey was listed as an ingredient! Score! And whatever concoction they made was pretty darn delicious. The moral of the story? Little Miss Muffet must've had a good trainer. And she probably posted about it on her Little Muffet blog.

About me section: "love curds. HATE SPIDERS."

In other news, Patrick made peanut-butter toast at 11 o'clock last night.

That betch.

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