It's My Friday!

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Guys! I'm signing off early this week as Patrick & I are headed to his sister's wedding! Eee!!! The anticipation of happy emotions for the incredible couple and all the fun to be had this weekend is enough to make my smile leap off my face. And don't worry, I have my waterproof mascara securely fastened in my airline-regulated Ziploc baggie in case those smiles turn to tears. :) 

here are a few links I wanted to share ::

Patrick & I are so seeing this.

how to fight off the upcoming winter blues.

Chanel's spring/summer 2013 collection? one word: wow!

when I have to shower before 9am.

check out the latest issue of Adore Home magazine here and the latest issue of Matchbook Mag here.

I have the baseball tee that Blair Eadie is wearing here and it is the softest thing ever. (get it here.)

great smiles. (make sure you watch the amazing commercial at the end.)

my latest purse obsession. (yes, all of them, ha!)

hilarious best man speech.

adjustable kitten.

hand-lettering of Bob Dylan lyrics.

my niece linked this and i had to share: 55 ways to take care of yourself when you're busy.

who to marry.

Have a great rest of your week & weekend!

until next time,