To Have & to Hold

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(a sign that accompanied shawls at the reception.)

I'm back! And boy did we have fun. 

Patrick & I flew upstate midweek for his sister's wedding on Friday. I can honestly say that the entire celebration was absolutely perfect. Everything from the rehearsal dinner to the day-of prep to the genuine & lovely ceremony to the weather (even a hint of rain for good luck!) to the from-the-heart toasts to the belly laughs to the incredible band that made you never want to exit the dance floor to the jolly after-party at the bar where they met to - most of all - the amazing couple that are now husband & wife. 

There are countless other people and moments and things I wish I had captured in photos, but alas, I was distracted. In the best of ways. :) In any case, here are a few snapshots I wanted to share ~


Patrick & I started the party early at the JetBlue terminal in JFK.

Patrick & his brothers. 
best buds, those three.

before the rehearsal.

love him.

the bride with her grandmother and younger sister.
and the ribbon bouquet that i constructed this summer that required a lot of fixing, ha!
(tip: use a stapler)

with the adorable maid-of-honor.
(great smile, yes? she got her braces off days before the wedding!)

and with the beautiful bride-to-be!

so sweet. love the bridesmaid gifts! 
and I so wish I had a picture of the wall hangings the groomsmen received.
(the groom painted part of it himself!)

You honestly looked at her, stood in awe with your breath held 
and your face in a half smile/half frown thinking, "Wait 'til he sees her."

I knew those heart-printed straws would come in handy!
Also, we're sending this into Mountain Dew for their next ad. ;)

she's just the cutest.

how amazing is that dress?!!

beautiful mother & daughter.
(photo by Patrick's brother, Sean.)

BIG smiles on the way to see her man!

father & daughter in the limo.

someone shared this pic & the next and they were too sweet not to post.

mother & daughter have the same cute crying face... 

bride & groom after the ceremony.
(photo by Patrick's brother, Sean.)

Mr & Mrs!!!

snapshots from the limo.

my very handsome date. 

amazing view.

dancing (and singing!) to "My Girl" 

Patrick with his little sis, the m.o.h., who gave an outstanding speech.
(my only regret from the entire wedding was that we didn't videotape it!)

out on the balcony.

on the dance floor with one of their fabulous aunts! 

stole this from you, Kate :) (had to have a pic of you!!)
the dates at Table #2.

love her.

with the next little lady to walk down the aisle! (85 days!)

...and the bride & groom right back where they met. 


May they have an incredibly blessed & happy life.
And may the joy of their wedding remain in their hearts today and every day.

until next time,