Enjoy Your Weekend!

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Hello & happy Friday! What's your weekend lookin' like? To be honest, I don't really know what I'll be up to as I haven't gotten past the thought of sleeping in tomorrow. (hallelujah!) I know I have some non-fun things on the to-do list, but I'll probably start with the most exciting one of all: adopt a pumpkin! :) We have no room so it'll probably have to be on the smaller side. Dear itty bitty runt punkin', I'll take you home!

Also, I'm getting my eyes dilated for the first time later today and am dragging Patrick along for support because I'm a nervous nellie, especially when it comes to eyeballs. (>.<) Wish me luck.

some links I want you to click on ::

forget jeans & cords. try velvet.

magnetic wallpaper makes for an interactive surface for kids.

going for a run.

i want to make these to store my twine.

some of my friends are already asking about stocking-stuffer ideas. (why i love them.) how about this & this?

talk about some good dreams.

pretty robes for your bridesmaids.

fellas, there's a David Yurman sample sale in NYC this weekend. your ladyfriends can thank me later.

yep, this is my favorite Halloween movie ever!

i need to check out this new store in Brooklyn.

"nobigdeal, just practicing our dance moves!"

instead of a pony.

want riding boots? can't decide between black or brown? get these.

how very true.

this manicure made me smile!

i'm inspired by this artist's "top knot" series.

ooo! i like this watch.

i leave you with this suggestion.

--- enjoy your weekend! ---

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