Little Bit of Lately

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I don't know about you, 
but I find the ol' no-white-after-Labor-Day rule a bunch of rubbish.
I especially love rocking my white pants with sweaters!

Hey, who's that stud outside my office?

That would be the very sweet Patrick...
...picking me up to take me to eye doctor appointment.
Which, by the way, was just ridiculous.

It began with an intern saying he needed
 to pluck one of my eyelashes that was damaged.

"um, WHAT?"

I'm sorry, but I don't care who you are...
...if you come near my eyeball with
giant sharp tweezers, I will throw a fit.

Meanwhile, that supportive stud-of-a-man from earlier 
was across the room choking on his laughter.

After that, the intern attempted to get the special eyedrops into my
fluttering-blinking-spazzing-out eyes as I gripped the armrests...
...trying to somehow close my eyes to prevent 
from watching the scary liquid fall into them 
while simultaneously keeping them open. 
(It's a difficult task, I tell ya.)

Then it was a lot of bright lights.

"'Scuse me, is there a lower setting? This is really bright to look at."
"M'am, this is as dim as it goes."

Well okay, then.

"Oh and M'am, we're going to need re-do the photos we took. You blinked."



Oh, and here is my dilated pupil.

This cooler weather has me lighting every candle 
& cuddling up under squishy toasty blankets.
There's something about fall that's oh so cozy.

And this is my girlfriend choking on the scarf I gave her on national TV.
Gotta appreciate the rewind & pause features these days.
love ya, Mags.

"I thought you were just getting one pumpkin?"


i'm loving this nail color! ("Storm Bird" by NARS)

And in very exciting news, I started an online modern copperplate calligraphy course!
Students move at their own pace over the course of 30 days - following videos and exercises - and uploading work for the teacher to critique.

my teacher's comment on exercise 1:

You're doing remarkably well with the thicks versus thins and your commadots are practically flawless. I'm seeing remarkable control with the ink, no skipping or wobbling. Have you had calligraphy practice before? If this course seems a bit too beginner for you, let me know. We can work on more advanced assignments here in the gallery. Great work!!

...which, not gonna lie, made me smile SO big!
Ya know, until I realized I have no idea what the heck a commadot is. 
Yessir, I really do need professional instruction.
I've looked ahead and we'll be working on rhythm, spacing, and angling from which I can definitely benefit...and then we'll also be practicing some fun techniques, 
like swirly twirlies! By the way, "swirly twirlies" is not the technical name 
so I get to learn what that is, too. :)

have a great Wednesday, guys!

until next time,