It's Going to be Just Wonderful

loveVirginia HartComment

With just two months to Christmas, we're approaching - well, actually we're already in - the most magical time of the year. But I'm not going to's also a good-heavens-there-is-not-enough-time-to-get-everything-done time of the year. Panic sets in as I hesitate to look past this week's spread in my planner; I can only handle a few days at a time with setting goals of what needs to be accomplished.  But then I have a weak moment and I do think ahead...and my mind becomes clouded with irrational thinking and I instantly feel behind. 

But now that Patrick's here and it's not just me & my little crazy self to continue reinforcing that stress-inducing thinking (while I rearrange my entire closet in hopes of decompressing and instead realizing I really gotta do something about my ribbon collection), I am forced to take. a. step. back. Maybe it's Patrick's typical manish attitude that seems to shrug off silly stress with ease. (Why can't I have that trait?) Maybe it's how he makes me belly-laugh at myself. Or maybe it's just when he asks the simple questions of, "What needs to be done?" and "How can I help?" Most times, I can't even formulate a comprehensible list of to-dos to tell him because that involves extra effort and by that point -- when he's detected my stressy mood (while I push the dresser drawers shut just a wee louder than normal and insist,"I'm fine!") -- I'm spent. And if I am able to mentally identify separate tasks that need completing, I realize just how silly they'll sound if I speak them out loud. If I tell him what's circling my brain like how I really need to organize my medical record files and digital pictures, prepare for upcoming birthdays, take shoes to the cobbler, learn how to sew, pack for trips that are weeks away, patent that invention I came up with in the middle of the night, untangle that annoying necklace that is one big metal knot staring up at me in anger every time I open my jewelry box, and start making my Christmas cards, he's going to think I've lost me-mind. But instead...his little questions bring me back to reality. None of that is worthy of worry. "Get a grip, Ginny." I tell myself. That sentiment should really go on a greeting card by the way. Hallmark, take note.

Often, I find our differences amusing -- ya know, the fact that Patrick is 100% boy and I am 100% girl...but in this case, I really need that influence from "the other side." I am extremely thankful his presence encourages a no-worries attitude; it  helps to keep me in check when I get a little carried away. Besides, this season of the year really is magical - and this time around, he's here! And if I'm not careful, I'm going to miss out. Is there a lot going on these next couple months? Yessir. Are the holidays going to be extra busy this year? Mmmhmm. Is there a lot I need to accomplish before year-end? You betcha. But I know he'll make one of his silly jokes that leaves me shaking in a giggle fit and I'll be quickly reminded that despite the level of busyness...despite what all is going on...despite the length of the to-do's going to be just wonderful.

until next time,