Calm Before The Storm

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It's the calm before the storm here in NYC. Things are very quiet and empty. After worrying this morning about Patrick getting back from out of town (his broken phone didn't help things), he is thankfully home.

communication via paper towel.
(hashtag Sandy.)

I was so excited to show him all of my preparations and all he did was laugh at me.

His current Facebook status reads, "I am pretty sure our apartment could feed and protect the entire West Village thanks to the Little Lady and her Hurricane prep work! The water from the storm surge will be nothing compared to the bottled water we have stocked in the kitchen..."

I might have gone a little overboard... I mean, I did see the inside of Duane Reade four times today. I also began to realize that all of the people working in my neighborhood had no way of knowing transit was shutting down tonight so I made it a point to be a little messenger and go see all of my favorites. So maybe they appreciated my obnoxiousness.

I did a little baking tonight.
(Yes, chocolate chip cookies make the "essentials" list.)

In all seriousness, my family members have endured great hardships from a past hurricane (Katrina) and also this summer's Derecho in West Virginia & Virginia. So I'd rather be safe than sorry. As my mom always says, you never know.

NYC-ers, you can search here to find out your Zone. Only Zone A has been evacuated so far. You can watch the NYC skies here. Also, my friend shared this helpful tip with me: If you have a bathtub, fill it with water before things get really bad. If the toilets aren't flushing, you can take a pan of water and pour it quickly into the toilet bowl and it will flush from the water pressure. Good to know!

Please be extra safe out there these next couple days, you guys...

until next time,