An Update

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(taken before the power went out Monday.)

Hello there. I hope you all are doing well!  I just wanted to give you a little update on life here in the big apple. Aside from the inconvenience of no power or hot water, Patrick & I are completely fine. After seeing what others have endured, we have absolutely nothing to complain about. The lower part of Manhattan where we are is creepy-dark & quiet except for endless sirens and buzzing generators. It's a sad stretch for the city for sure. My heart goes out to other boroughs, New Jersey and the many other affected areas on the East Coast, too. We are surrounded by devastation and damage; please keep those who have suffered in your thoughts & prayers. 

On the same note, a huge thank-you to everyone who thought of us. I am truly touched by the love. My mom's dear young friend who I've never even met said he prayed Monday night that God would send me a guardian angel, insisting he prayed all night long. Brings tears to my eyes. In a world full of awfulness, there is still good.

It's been an interesting few days to say the least. I'm suddenly very's like my body is finally acknowledging how stressed I've been. I entered a survivor-can't-sleep-must-be-alert mode. Patrick & I spent many hours wondering, "what do you think that noise was?" and trying to distract ourselves with guessing what animal we were making with our hand in front of the flashlight. We've heard various reports on when we should expect power....Friday, a week, "who knows"...fingers crossed it's not too long. 

By the way, I am writing this from a fabulous co-worker's apartment who has so kindly let me use her hot shower (I was looking a wee scary today, even for Halloween...). We've ordered hot chinese food and are parked in front of ESPN...the big guy is also happy. Lots to be thankful for tonight.


A few images to show you... Patrick ventured out on Monday to examine things (he was like a caged dog that wanted to know what was going on outside) and brought home some love from Artichoke Pizza. 

and some aftermath...

We live about 15 steps from this building. 
I later heard that my mom & sister didn't do too well after seeing this on the news :(

so crazy...

and just a glimpse at the flooding...

it's made for an appropriate Halloweek.

p.s. one last photo...

Honestly, our little headlamp has surprisingly been our best purchase :)

And I have to say, I think I know who my guardian angel is. He's about 6'4" and as cute as can be. And he makes me laugh so hard I cry even when there is zero electricity and we're stuck in a tiny room. So the biggest thank-you goes out to him for keeping me safe and sane... thanks for weathering the storm with me, dude.

To the rest of you, please stay safe. Happy Halloween from NYC. I'll be in touch soon. 


until next time,