November 2012 Desktop Wallpaper

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Happy November, everyone. It's my favorite month of the year!

Sorry I'm a day late, but it's time to update those desktop wallpapers.
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What are you lovelies up to this weekend? I am supposed to be heading to Virginia today to not only see my parents (oh, the hugs I've been craving!) but also finally meet my Godson and be there for his baptism and see his amazing little mama that originally moved to NYC with me years ago. Silly Sandy has disrupted those plans, though. Totally and utterly bummed, but trying to suck it up and focus on the good and getting back to normalcy here. ConEd (no wonder there's no power) left me an automated voicemail yesterday saying we should expect power back at 11PM on Saturday night. If you hear a loud thumping noise around then?'s the little lady jumping up & down for joy!! Fingers crossed that means the same for my laundromat since the rest of my pants are held captive over there. You sure do realize what you take for granted when you're inconvenienced.  I miss my crankety radiator and not having to sleep in two sweatshirts. I miss going to the bathroom without wearing a headlamp. I miss a cold & un-smelly fridge. I miss not having to say when we step outside, " my makeup rubbed in?" (and Patrick's like, "welllllll....") I miss riding the subway. I miss not carrying around travel toiletries and playing the game of, "when and where is my next hot shower?" I miss knowing what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night. I miss my home feeling warm and light and cozy. And why am I listing off all these petty things? So when I do have them back, I remember to really appreciate them. Many people out there are actually suffering unlike us. It's a good reminder at how precious the little things can be. Guess I should thank Sandy for the needed reminder, but she's still on my sh*t list. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy the little things.

p.s. fingers crossed this nor'easter stays away...

until next time,