Give Thanks

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Lots to be thankful for this week. Our power was back by the time I got home from work on Friday (I quickly turned on every single light & lamp!) and our heat & hot water came back Saturday night. [insert huge grins, sighs of relief, and celebratory hands-in-the-air] I was very fortunate to find hot showers during the week at a co-worker's apartment, another co-worker's hotel room, and the gym on Saturday...but yesterday's hot shower at home? It. was. heavenly. There's something about going about your normal routine that we only appreciate once it's taken away. 

Subways have resumed service in our area and the businesses are beginning to open. And even though I have to wait another week to hear the status of my winter coats currently stranded at my cleaner's storage facility in New Jersey, I know that many are still waiting on much more important things...while perhaps also mourning the loss of a home or even a loved one(s)...these are the people that deserve our prayers and attention. As we approach a time of giving thanks, let us not only remember what we have that we easily take for granted, but let's also consider how we can give back to people in our life. It can be a phone call, a just-because letter or care package to someone you love, it can be asking a friend or family member, "how can I help?", it can be brightening someone's day with a smile, it can be volunteering somewhere in your local community, or it can even be something like helping with / donating to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. [you can donate here]

Let's do what we can.
Let's give thanks.
And let's also give something for which someone will be thankful.

until next time,