Bits of Lately

calligraphy, updateVirginia Hart2 Comments
hello, pretty iridescent shell in my paella.

i need a new go-to practice word.
it was a polka-dot turtleneck kind of day.
Grand Central
a little note for my Godson.
uptown versus downtown during the Sandy Manhattan blackout.
(aka the scariest Halloween ever)
on Friday night, the candles quickly got the boot. (yay!!!)
btw, black is the new red.
sending off a wedding response postcard that i designed might be
the coolest feeling ever. (can't wait for NYE!)
sounds crazy, but it's good. 
and just a tiny piece satisfies my stubborn sweet tooth!
'twas an election-inspired snack. 
i can't keep up, Mother Nature.
somebody has figured me out.

pssst. more Instagram photos here!

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