Have a Happy Weekend!

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I don't know. It was like all of a sudden my hair just grew eight feet longer. Quickly adding a much needed cut to my weekend list. What are you up to?! Aside from dealing with my 'do, I also need to hit up Duane Reade and find a nice stranger to hold my hand for a flu shot. I was supposed to get one on Monday at the office but I conveniently wore a button-down shirt underneath a dress jumper. (-.-)  I will also be taking advantage of some time sans roomie and spending the majority of it with a calligraphy nib holder / pencil / eraser / Wacom tablet pen in hand ...which also requires SATC / Friends / Kardashian reruns on in the background. Don't judge. I peeked ahead in my planner (#abigmistake) and it seems like the calm before the storm (or maybe the calm between storms is a more accurate description...!) so I haveta get to work. But! I'm also forcing myself to get some rest. In addition to working long hours this week, my trainer decided I needed three grueling personal sessions plus another tomorrow to make up for last week when I justified eating gobs of cookies for dinner because that's just what you do when you're wearing a headlamp. So, in short, I'm-a-tired. No alarm clock tomorrow for meeee! Now go enjoy some fun below --

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send someone you might not get to see a Thanksgiving card.

a mom has some fun with her infant's nap positions.

a puffer coat for under $100.

one of those annoying purchases that you're later thankful you made? tights.

Dear God.

perhaps you have a friend that needs this :)

Bauble Bar + essie collaboration.

this made me laugh out loud.

La Mer watches at Target!

a cute hostess gift (and one that you could DIY!)

this'll be me tomorrow morning.

i heart these eye-catching earrings.

winter shoes for the office.

instead of ribbon on gifts lately, i've been using this.

ooolala! tye-dye planners!

Pinterest now has secret boards just in time for the holidays.

and a final quote for the ladies.

have a happy weekend!

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