Happy Friday!

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you made it! :)


So I have great news - Patrick's surgery went really well!


...and after
(might be blurry, but i still spy a smile!)
[yep, he documented this himself. I think he secretly appreciates the photo evidence ;)]

It's all very complicated, but they repaired a tear in his shoulder and relocated his bicep tendon (sounds crazy, right?), but the recovery prognosis is very promising! The best part is that he seems to be in good spirits :) He actually flies back up today. I seriously can't wait to see him. Although! I'm terrified to go anywhere near him in that go-go gadget sling contraption. I would be the awesome gf that would somehow forget and like, throw a playful jab. I'm just gonna stay far, far away.
On a serious note, thank you so much for your positive thoughts yesterday. If this surgery really did fix his injury, it will mean the world to him.

Any fun weekend plans?? Do tell. Aside from taking care of the patient (I may or may not have bought 3 different flavors of ice cream last night...) I will be running around getting things done and preparing for the jam-packed-crazy-wonderful week ahead.

some fun links for you to click on ::

i'll be sitting here drooling over this scrumptious Thanksgiving menu.

how cool would this look on a bookshelf? you could put any sort of treasure inside.

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this monogrammed pouch would make a great gift.

this is for my girlfriend who is traveling to India next week by herself: how to be an explorer of the world.

a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece.

you will think i'm a goober when i tell you that these are on my Christmas wish list.

where the magic happens.

i love this bathroom addition!

not gonna lie...T.Swift is kinda bugging me lately, but this pic? is gorg.

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i keep staring at this pillow.

these would make awesome stocking stuffers!

and a mantra for today & every day.

have a wonderful weekend, guys!

until next time,