Dearest Future Self

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Dearest future self,

Remember that time you successfully pulled 10 inches of a pain catheter out of your boyfriend's neck without fainting?? As your mother smiled and said (yes, you heard her grinning through the phone), "Gin, if you can do that, you can do anything."

Let's just say these past few days have been a growing experience... I'm not gonna lie, they haven't been easy. And I'm not even the one in a ton of pain and restricted to the use of one arm/hand! Attemping to help someone do everyday tasks who's nearly a foot taller than you in a teeny-tiny-obstacle-course-apartment makes for a ridiculous scene. And just a random sidenote, who knew my dry shampoo from "Sandy week" would come in handy again so soon?!  But in all seriousness, I really don't like to see a person I care about so vulnerable and in's such a terrible when I'm the one in charge of pulling off surgery tape or ya know, a cord out of the back of his neck (!) while functioning on limited sleep, I am left feeling like I need to just bury my face into a pillow and cry. Where is the adult in charge in these kind of situations??? Oh, right...

Patrick seems to be doing better each and every day, though, which is wonderful. To say it's been a long road to this point would be an understatement; a successful recovery will remain high on my prayer list. Witnessing and sharing someone's struggle is difficult - but it's the low moments that not only build your patience and force you to grow and learn, but they're the moments that make you appreciate the better times. So, really, we should be equally as thankful for all the difficult things in life - the chapters that test you and break you down and the metaphorical mountains that seem impossible to climb. Because without them? We wouldn't know how good the good is. In a time of acknowledging things for which we are thankful, I ask you to look around at the not-so-good, too. Maybe it'll teach you what you need to change...maybe it'll remind you of something better for which to feel blessed....and hey, maybe the not-so-good won't seem so bad, after all. Keep in mind the quote, "If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back." You might even find out you're thankful for more than you realize. I know I have.

So, speaking of thankfulness, what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?? I'm signing off early this week as I head home tomorrow! It'll be my first time home since last year (ahh!!!) and I am so, so excited. Even if my wake-up call is 3:30AM...! Between spending my first holiday with Patrick (he'll meet me at home tomorrow!), a lot of time with my family celebrating Thanksgiving and a wedding, and the fact that my mother has already entirely decorated for Christmas (yes), I just. can't. stop. smiling. Oh! And if you see a girl skipping through JFK circa 5AM tomorrow? That'll be me, the birthday girl ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!! I leave you with this quote ::

until next time,