I Have A Crush...

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...on an artist and work spaces!

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how fabulous is Garance Dore's work?!
see more here!

now bear with me for a second while I heavy sigh...

While I love my life in Manhattan and our ridiculously tiny home, I have many-a-daydream about having more space. As my mom put it, "you must spend a lot of time making yourself small." I do. And it's exhausting. And it prevents me from having the creative space needed to do everything I want to do. I spend so much time putting things away and cleaning just so I can utilize the tiny space that I have! I'm not gonna lie, it gets old. I'm working on a couple big projects at the moment and the storage options are completely nonsensical, but it is what it is. I keep reminding myself that one day I might not have this big beautiful city right outside my front door - I have to think of it as a trade-off. Maybe one day I will have (something that seems so foreign to me right now) an extra room that I could make my own. If I do, I will probably just hide in there for hours and hours reveling in the delight of having ample storage space and the ability to leave work halfway finished just out in the open...ya know, without worrying that spaghetti sauce might be prepared two feet away.

For part of my birthday present, Patrick gave me a portable blogging station that holds my computer and Wacom tablet at the same time comfortably so I can blog and draw on our little couch. It was completely unexpected and thoughtful when he told me he wanted to give me something that would help me with either my blogging or art jobs and had seen me struggling to find an adequate & pleasant set-up. I know I must drive the guy absolutely crazy with all my little projects (have you ever heard someone writing calligraphy? it's like the sound of nails on a chalkboard!) so it means a lot that he actually encourages my nerdiness. So for now, I will enjoy my new little station and I will just look at the lack of space as a challenge. And I will look at pictures of art studios and daydream and tell myself, "one day." :)

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