Have a Great Weekend!

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Hiii. What are you up to this weekend? I will be working on some exciting projects ;) and doing a little Christmas shopping. Patrick & I are finally trying Rosemary's tomorrow in the West Village (they grow all their veggies on their rooftop!) before meeting some friends for a belated birthday gathering. It should be a great weekend! Oh, and keep a lookout for a Little Lady December desktop wallpaper. I drew her on the train coming back from Virginia (which happened to be four thousand degrees), which explains why she's not wearing a coat...k? :)
some links for you to click on ::
this might be the coolest accessory i've ever seen for an iPhone.

ladies, do you not have much time in the mornings to get ready? check out this 4-minute-makeup video. (call me crazy, but i always find these mesmerizing!)

how fun would these drinks be at a daytime holiday party?

do you work with germy kiddos? make these for your co-workers.
well this app puts my Christmas Excel spreadsheet to shame. I think I need it.

do you have a pair of Hunter boots? winter-fy them with shearling inserts.
i will still try and suggest some gift ideas throughout this season, but in the meantime, this is like the mega guide. i like everything inside!

are you a little OCD when it comes to cleaning? or do you wanna be? here are some good tricks.

ooo, this would be fun to carry to a holiday party!

it's the end of Movember! let's look at some sexy mustaches.
you can make Santa's cookies in the shape of SANTA!
this is why i want a kitty.

and a reminder for us all during this busy time of year.
until next time,