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I turned the big 2-7 the day before Thanksgiving when I was traveling, 
but we celebrated in the big apple last night :) 

We went to Rosemary's in the West Village for dinner.
Oh, my! It definitely made my favorite-restaurants-in-NYC list. (see others here!)
Btw, the brussels sprouts? ...unreal!

my handsome bearded date.

Afterwards, we went to a little wine bar and our waitress brought this prosecco out.
"Wait. What? How?! Maggieeeeee!!!"
THANK YOU to the friends in DC who sent this amazing surprise - so sweet!
I shoulda started snapping pics earlier in the night 
because I missed out on getting some with other peeps, but here are a few ::

Oh, and look what somebody hid in our freezer...!
(best ice cream cake ever!)

I once surprised Patrick with an ice cream cake and it totally backfired. It was his 20th birthday and I hid with the cake and he arrived later than expected. So it melted. Everywhere. And I might have started crying. I'm glad our ice-cream-cake luck has improved since then :)

I made a big wish.
If I told ya, it wouldn't come true ;)

Thank you to the amazing people who celebrated with me last night - 
the hugs, the thoughtful gifts and cards I will keep forever, the toasts, the stories, the belly-laughs-turned-to-tears. I am one lucky little lady.

Here's to 27, and to the endless possibilities!

until next time,