Oh, Christmas Tree!

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The morning after they lit the tree in Rockefeller Center, 
I made a special pit stop on my way to work. 
Sigh... I love Christmas trees!

This time of year, the city streets are lined with trees for sale.
The smell of pine and Christmas and sugar plums everywhere you go?

All of a sudden, this little tree hobbled forward.
And it just stared at us.

So we knew we had no choice but to adopt it.

Full of personality, it immediately insisted on shopping for some bling.

Patrick assisted in picking out some lights since, ya know,
trees don't have hands.

We took it home and played dress-up...


our first ornament :)

I've never had a live tree before. For those of you who have adopted in the past, 
do I do anything besides water it? And have staring matches? And smile nonstop?

I'm in love.

until next time,