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It's been an exhilarating couple days over here, folks. I feel like, for perhaps the first time in my life, my talents have fused together into one specific passion - social stationery.  My love for greeting cards, illustrating, calligraphy, holidays, weddings, paper products, anything girly and/or sparkly!, etc. are finally pointing (with a bright and blinking arrow, I might add) to this new and exciting world. Dreaming up a project such as the line of multiple occasion cards, squealing over the finished product (something I would buy for myself in a store!) and now seeing other people buy them is a feeling I can't even describe. I am so happy and proud with how they turned out and the idea of someone receiving a card in the mail that I designed and put out into the world has to be one of the best feelings ever. If you checked out the post on my main website, you can see that there are 5 designs in that set::

Hello, muffin (to write a simple hello) // sending love your way xoxo (to send sympathy or even say you miss someone) // gosh...thank you (because that person made your day) // make a wish (every birthday deserves a wish!) // omg yay! (for any moment or event that is deserving of a congratulatory remark :)

I am also exceedingly giddy about my Christmas card design featuring silver bells on leopard shoes and the famous Christmas lyric. There may or may not be a hidden signature as the shoe brand! ;) As of today, I only have 2 packs left of those so please let me know if you want to snag one! 

I have a feeling I might read this post one day and smile at how my direction has adapted. I am constantly pushing myself to learn and try new things. After finishing my incredible online copperplate calligraphy class last month, I have decided to participate in a similar tutorial in January to learn some Wacom tablet techniques. For so long, I sort of felt all over the place with my different passions (and believe me, I have far too many personal goals I'd like to acheive in this little life of mine), but it's kinda all making sense now and the light bulbs are turning on in my head faster than I can keep up. I'm a firm believer that if you make it a point to pursue what makes you happy, whether or not it makes sense at the time, that it will lead to something good. Thank you for following this little journey of mine and being a part of my blog and this whole side of my being that I've been able to share. It means more than you know.

until next time,