Personal Day

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I never took a "sick day" this year and realized that I deserved to have a just-because day even if I was feeling perfectly fine. So I decided at the beginning of the week and asked for today off and boy, was it glorious. I cannot remember the last time I had a regular weekday in this city that wasn't a holiday or a day I was running to the airport or train station. While there was definitely a part of me that wanted to hide under seventeen pillows all day and eat a pint (or two) of ice cream (okay now that I've typed that out, I'm quickly realizing I need one of those days soon), it was pleasantly productive. 

My mom said on the phone earlier, "I feel like I cross one thing off the list and add three more." I don't know if it's just me or what, but this pre-holiday-prep has definitely felt more rushed than I remember in years past. I have been a hot mess. Am I the only one? Was there, like, one less week or something? Is my who-I-want-to-give-a-gift-to list just that much longer this round? Thanks to my personal day today, though, I am finally finished playing Santa! Phew.

So what all did I actually do today? Well. I woke up early and made a to-do list at the Starbucks around the corner. I like starting my day alone. I browsed my websites and was so delighted to see that my stationery made it on another blogger's gift guide - take a look here! And then it was a blur of errands and drawings and wrapping and shopping and cleaning and calling and emailing and tracking (gotta love chasing holiday orders, right?). I even backed up my phone AND computer! Who am I? I guess Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. And then I grabbed lunch & caught up with my friend, Markus, here (dee-lish). And thennn, I visited with lots of adorable neighborhood puppies and read about this (so sweet). And thennnnnn, I finished the day with a final 1x1 session of the year with my trainer who gave me a giant bear hug.  If I had to pick the winner of the best-new-person-in-my-life award for 2012? would be him. I can't even begin to tell you how much he has changed my lifestyle. Sigh... why can't every day be that personally productive? And how is this year almost over?

Yes, I realize I'm a rambling machine over here. It's just NOW sinking in that I have 3 days left before 11 days away. This year is winding down faster than I want it to even though I'm so excited for what's ahead. I'm sorry if I counteract others' wishes that these next few days move quickly, but I really really want them to move as slow as possible. 

Cheers to another year together, NYC. Ya know, seeing as you're boyfriend #1. What about boyfriend #2, you ask? He & I are celebrating our own little Christmas tomorrow...I can't wait.

I hope you're having a great week, guys, and that it's moving at the speed you want :)

until next time,