Christmas, Part 1

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Hello there!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! I'm back in the city after Christmas with my family. I can't even tell you how good it was to be home and around so many people I love. It was so relaxing and needed - just wish it didn't go by as fast as it did. I feel like we hurry and hustle and anticipate and poof! it's over...yes?

here are a few snapshots from my time there ::

my parents' cozy loft ~

LOVE this nail color ~

you know you're on vacation when you spend 10 minutes shaking a snow globe.

The day after I got home, our family went to the local mission and cooked / served breakfast for over 50 men, women & children. Even though we brought 12 pounds of bacon (!), my brother had to sprint to the store to pick up more if that gives you an idea of how much food we prepared.We made it a point to not only serve food, but also sit and talk with the people. It was the highlight of my trip; i'm so glad we did it.

whisking lessons with my niece :)

I drew a picture of my brother, Jon, as a little boy for a surprise gift.

Seeing his face when he opened it? Priceless.

We both just stood in the kitchen and cried while the rest of the family teased us.

We're an emotional bunch!

a gift for my nephew due in May - his first outfit! My brother, Chris (his dad), was in
the Ninja Turtle movie and played a foot soldier so I just had to design this :)

Needless to say, this is my new favorite plate.

we woke up to snow on Christmas Eve!!

my dad & I had a really fun dinner together that night.

On Christmas morning, I heard a "ho, ho, ho" at my door...


...a little gift for my mom. I suppose I should admit that we watched the entire set of Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea while I was home. Another confession? Gilbert Blythe makes my knees weak. Oh, and I also might have received a set of the DVDs for Xmas, including the "continuing story" sequel. Ohhhhh, Patrickkkk...I know what we can watch after season 2 of Homelanddd! ;)

Here are a couple of the amazing things I received ~

Can't WAIT to use this for art projects!

new phone!

The best part is that Patrick got the same phone. No, his does not have a polka dot / calligraphy case ;) Our messages go through so quickly, though, and now we can Face Time when we're apart.

our ornament collection might be tiny, but I think we're basically covered now...

I am so jealous of the "man cave" at my brother's house...I would never leave!

Lauren & Suz, I think I know where our next Anne of Green Gables marathon needs to happen... ;)

{pssst! my niece posted my sister-in-law's recipe for peanut butter fudge - it's seriously THE BEST fudge i've ever had...I look forward to it every Christmas.}

in other news, it's always a little sad when Christmas is over...right, Louie?

Little did I know that evening when I Skyped with relatives in Ohio,

that I'd be on the TV! :)

miss you all!

a special quote ~

feeling over red & green, I had to sport some neon.

our back walkway - more snow!

we were actually on our way yesterday to finally meet my Godson and had to turn around because the roads were so icy... :( i was so disappointed! if you remember, i had plans to visit him that were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. silly weather keeps ruining everything! at least i'll get to see his parents very soon :)

we were on the road bright and early this morning before I caught my train...

hello, Manhattan!

As sad as I am to leave home and my family,

it's never dull returning to this busy little island.

But now that I'm back? Guess who leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow...

I'm off to Christmas, Part 2, with Patrick's family!

Talk to you soon :)

until next time,