Christmas, Part 2

holidays, travelVirginia HartComment
On Friday morning, I flew to see Patrick & his family for a second round of Christmas.

it was an early morning made better by the JFK sunrise.

and the fact that I apparently flew to the North Pole...!

We normally all go out to a fun dinner on NYE, but we celebrated early this year!

Patrick's sisters wearing their new "statement" necklaces :)


and the whole, might I add fabulous, gang!

The boys actually drove down & back to the big apple Saturday (!) 
to go to the Pinstripe Bowl. 
As for us girls? 
We had a glorious day at the nail salon, watched a chick flick, & remained warm :)

so much snow!

notice anything funny about this picture? ...

comfy cozy.

like ma' leopard socks?

today? we're taking a little road trip...

we're off to a wedding (hooray!!!) to celebrate friends and ring in the new year!

how are you welcoming 2013? 
have fun + be safe.

until next year,