January 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

desktop wallpaperVirginia HartComment

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hello, january.
...and welcome, 2013!

as you can see, i'm mixing things up with this month's desktop wallpaper. i figured i'd try something new as change is always good. that's how i'm looking at this year anyways. i've seen many resolutions posted around the internet in addition to hopes for the new year. and i have to admit...i read the, "i hope this year is better to me than the last!" posts and cringe. the outcome of each and every day of this year has nothing to do with what the year brings to us, but instead of what we bring to it

be present.
be proactive.
be good.
 remember that happiness is a choice. 
and, as they say, "don't let your dreams always be dreams."

until next time,