Note to Self

healthVirginia Hart4 Comments

note to self: remember how you were distracted post Sandy and you wore a dress over a button-down shirt to work the day you were supposed to get a flu shot? (for those who are struggling to decipher this fashion conundrum, my outfit made it impossible for the nurse to reach my shoulder.) and remember how you convinced yourself you would go "sometime soon" to get one, ya know, when the time was right? ...

i can't remember the last time i took a sick day, but they really aren't very fun, are they? i'll spare you the details of my super-duper cute symptoms, but today has been highly miserable. i'm pretty sure that 4-pack of orange Jell-O Patrick brought home is just a distraction while he packs his bags. in other news, my mother has been Instagramming her Las Vegas adventures so at least i've had that entertainment. yes, note to self: flu shots work. as in when you don't get one, you get the flu. tisk tisk, little lady.

fingers crossed i'm on the up & up.

until next time,