In Other News

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hello there. how are you? 
knock on wood...I'm feeling much better! hooray!
however, i'm still a little like this ::

in other news,
Siri is useless.
i can't get enough grapefruit.
i organized my nifty spin tray. can you spot my new industrial scissors?
patrick made me a mean grilled cheese.
i played the game called, "which pens deserve to live"
and cleaned out ALL of my art supplies last weekend.
as patrick can attest, it was quite the chore.
i went through birthday & Christmas cards to decide which ones to keep.
this was a, "!" (thanks, SGS!)
i decided that neon orange grosgrain is my new signature ribbon.
i documented this farewell.
so long, holiday beard.
(i can't get over how young he looks.)
and i designed some exciting party invitations - here's a snippet!

until next time,