Sushi & Sake 101

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Patrick & I typically order sushi once a week and have had many-a sushi dates all over the country, always gabbing about how fun it would be to make our own. This Christmas, I wrapped a tiny little note in a big box and put it with the rest of Patrick's gifts. He couldn't understand why it was so light! :) The note was actually a handmade coupon for a sushi-making class that we participated in last night.

It started with a tasting of four different kinds of sake (not my fave, but definitely interesting) while we snacked on edamame, tempura, a sea bass appetizer, and sushi. (so much!) Then it was time to take a stab at that bamboo-rolling device.

I would like to back up for a hot second and quickly say that out of 15 couples, we were the LAST to show up. Talk about awkward as we squeezed into our seats. Also, Patrick gave me a face when the sake instructor asked if anyone did not like the sake so of course that followed with the instructor pointing and saying, "It's okay if you didn't...and if you're wearing red. Now you! Tell us why. What notes do you taste in this particular sake? Do you think it's the salinity level?" (errrwhat?)

but then...
aren't you impressed??!

After everyone had a turn making a roll and while people were moaning that they were stuffed, the instructor told us we could make more if we wanted.
 Lots of people went back up.
 Oh wait. Nope. Only Patrick.
his new BFF.
(that second roll he made is the one pictured in the very first photo - pretty good, right?)

They wrapped up the class by giving us a list of how to make sushi rice and all the best places in the city to shop for the various ingredients.  Are you a sushi fan? It was a fun little experience that I would definitely recommend! 

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