Bits of Lately

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here are some bits of lately -->

my glittered up logo.
i might be adding something to the shop soon - stay tuned!
I came home to our Crock Pot cooking its first meal last week.
(that was before I made this.)
Patrick threw in chicken, potatoes, carrots, and cream of chicken soup.
...and it was mighty tasty!
a tea & nibbles date at L'Amant to hear about a girlfriend's holiday adventures in India.
her gold details.
ginny & minnie
oh you know, just climbing over abandoned Christmas trees.
polka dot overload + shorter/slightly lighter locks.
have you heard about this, Kate Spade enthusiasts?
truly exciting. (& smart!)
C'monnn. I vote Seyfried over Stewart, R.Patz.
Well. I actually vote myself but don't tell that tall guy around here.
chevron + my Erica Weiner pen nib necklace I wear nonstop.

also, LOOK. kinda screaming my name, haha!
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until next time,