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This is me trying to inspire myself to test some new lipstick shades. There's something about winter. It's cold and dreary and dreadful and bleak and blah. I mean, I fell asleep on a crowded subway last night. It's like I'm constantly fighting sloth-mode. Also, my current wardrobe consists of black on black on black. I gotta brighten things up a bit! I think lipstick helps, don't you?
:: friday links ::
do you tell if avocados are ripe at the grocery store by squeezing them in a death grip? yeah, me too. apparently there's an easier way.
whenever i trip and feel embarrassed (happens quite a bit...) i watch this and feel better.
first there was Keek (I think of it as the video version of Instagram. honestly, Kourtney Kardashian's are the funniest) and now Twitter has released their new video platform called Vine.
an interesting article in the NY Times: "What Is Middle Class in Manhattan?"
do you & your significant other want to incorporate more fun & different dates into your life? need ideas? check out the new HowAboutWe service that'll do just that.
You can see Bethenny Frankel's Tribeca loft in Traditional Home.
this quilt is soooo out of my price range, but i still think it's incredible.
this would make a funny gag gift for that friend who always has to cancel plans and eat at work.
are you going on a tropical vacay? wana take me with you?!! pssst, here are some fun retro one-pieces.
my new favorite kind of jewelry? above-the-knuckle rings.
Volvo's new braking system in their semi-trucks is seriously impressive.
i leave you with this inspirational video. if you're like me, you'll be wiping your cheeks here in a few

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