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Whew! It's been a busy little week over here. Aside from lots of stuff at work, taking care of a sick roommate (I think he's on the mend...fingers crossed!), dragging my butt to the gym, and wondering what on earth that noise is coming from behind the utility panel in the kitchen (methinks it's Mickey...ughhh), I have also had an influx of personal projects. And I've loved it. I had meetings with printers to discuss a wedding invitation I'm designing, I designed a stranger's real tattoo (so cool and yet so nerve-wracking!), mailed orders every day this week and most of them to people I've never met. It really is an incredible feeling. If you're not familiar with my little Etsy shop, I currently have the following for sale: stationery & "love" temporary tattoos (only 12 left!) The fact that nearly 100 shoppers on Etsy have "favorited" those tats?? Makes me do this. (update! the tattoos are sold out.)

Any fun weekend plans besides seeing which Harbaugh brother has the better Sunday? The highlight of my weekend will be seeing a friend that is in town from Virginia :) I visited a new church last weekend and really enjoyed it -- would love to make it back this weekend, too. Oh! Patrick & I have a *hot date* (at the grocery store) as well ;)
here are some links for your Friday!
I took this of Grand Central's ceiling last week.
Grand Central turns 100 at midnight. To commemorate its centennial, shops will price their goods as if it were 1913 today. Yes, that means a 6 cent loaf of bread! [sidenote: My stepdad actually gave me Grand Central Centennial earrings from Erwin Pearl's special collection for Christmas. I love GCS. And I adore the earrings.] Check out more fun facts about Grand Central and the celebration here.

I won a Super Bowl quiz last year (which means even your cross-eyed cat can win) -- check out the 2013 questions! Makes for a fun game with family & friends.

See what team these adorable puppies predicted will win. (Patrick & I totally had a "we need a golden pup NOW" moment after watching that.)

Valentine mani.

These would make the sweetest baby shower gift.

I don't know about you but the whole iCloud thing is super confusing which is why I need this.

Ooo! J.Crew's Minnie Pant now comes in hot pink.

This guy is talented! A great rendition of R. Kelly's Ignition.

some great rules for healthy eating. let's make rule #20 applicable to this Sunday and eat these kinds of things.

A funny Valentine's Day gift & card.

Do you like rings? Do you like free things? Make sure you enter my giveaway! Takes 2 minutes. A winner will be chosen on Monday :) (thank you to those who have already entered!!!)

6 birthday gifts you can send in an envelope.

how cute are SJP's twins?

The prettiest little heart-shaped box.

and a good rule to live by.

have a great weekend, guys!
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