Love Is

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& for p:

love is.

love is teasing a little too much.

love is getting up in the middle of the night to record how insanely loud the other one's snore is just so you can show them the next day and both laugh uncontrollably.

love is admitting that you were just being stubborn and you're sorry.

love is coming home with a Peppermint Patty in your pocket or hiding sunflower seeds in the cupboard.

love is giggling together over YouTube bloopers when it's way past your bedtime but you just don't care.

love is checking in during the day for no real reason.

love is being the most silly and embarrassing version of yourself.

love is finding the other's comfort food when they're sick even if that means going to fetch it in the rain.

love is leaving little notes hidden in the oddest places before you go on a trip.

love is being in a heated argument and you're trying to prove you're right, but you're biting your cheeks to try not to laugh at their "are we done here?" smile.

love is making the task of washing the dishes together, fun.

love is doing your own thing and going out with your friends, but being excited to meet up at the end of the night.

love is sleeping with your phone next to your face just to be sure you hear their call before they board an early flight.

love is immediately sharing any news and getting really excited when it's good.

love is that second - and less obligatory - hug.

love is trusting that despite the unknowns and what-ifs and question marks, love is and will be.

love is...

...dancing awkwardly together.

until next time,