A Week of Love - Friday!

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Did you have a good week? A happy Valentine's Day? I hope so! I truly enjoyed seeing everyone sporting the love temporary tattoos I designed. As corny as it sounds, it was nice to think that my "love" was brightening others' days.
And what's not to love about a Friday?! :) Fun plans for the long weekend? I am so excited for mine I can hardly stand it. Tonight, Patrick & I are going on a double-date for a friend's birthday. But not just any first roommate in NYC! She moved down south 5 years ago and is a busy little mother hen. Today is her actual birthday and she & her husband are celebrating with a trip to the city. It's been far too long since we gabbed over a cocktail in Manhattan. I can't wait :) Two other very exciting activities this weekend? A bus trip to Woodbury Commons for a full-day outlet shopping adventure with a girlfriend! (helloooo, crazy President's Day weekend deals) Little does she know my mother raised a professional shopper. I may or may not be showing up with a color-coded map and a plan of attack ;) And! Patrick & I are going out to dinner with my dad for his 63rd birthday. P's first time going to a Thai restaurant! I will also be working on some very exciting design projects and enjoying Monday off from work. Such a treat.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too! are some links for your Friday ::

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