Peaks & Pits

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If it's okay with you, I'd like to discuss some peaks & pits of the past few days.

Let's start with the good, shall we?
I thoroughly enjoy being that obnoxious promoter of love on Valentine's Day.

Some guy showed up to my office and performed a magic trick :)

I received some incredible Sabon products - this scrub is amazing!
I got to catch up with my good friend/old roommate! We went to Stanton Social - hadn't been there in years, but boy is it good. Pssst...if you go, make sure you order the french onion soup dumplings and the pierogies. Also, the Brooklyn Lemonade is divine.
We had so much fun celebrating her birthday! Come back soon, miss Hollis...already miss you :(

Another girlfriend & I took the hour-long bus ride (so easy!) from Manhattan to the magical land of Woodbury Common outlets. With my color-coded map in tow, we made a run for it :) So many many crazy deals...such a great friend/shopping kinda heaven!
Yes, we scored the back seat on the return trip :)
a DVF find...60% off!

I got home and Patrick & I met my dad at his favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. We celebrated his 63rd birthday; the two of them discussed their favorite athletes of all time and I gave him some artwork (not much has changed since I was a kid) and these two books (1 & 2). I loved seeing him and our dinner together made for a fun little night :) 

As you can see from my Nike Fuelband, however, it was a long and busy day. And it felt extra long due to the fact that I didn't sleep at all the night before. Why? Well, let's move on to Chapter numero dos, "the pits"...

Ladies & gentlemen, we have a mouse problem. Scratch that...a mice problem. I have never been so on edge, so tired, so disgusted, and so terrified in all my life. I am not good with rodents (exhibit A, B, C & D), but this was something out of a friggin' nightmare. Thankfully, Patrick was here as he's a little bit braver than I... although, not by much. And after this weekend, we've both been traumatized. At one point on Saturday (during the day...nocturnal-schmurnal!), Patrick was watching one pop its head out of the stovetop while I looked over and saw one run across my hangers in my closet. [Insert deafening shrieks and a sprint to the highest surface. Gag!] They ran all around the tiny rooms, standing atop the hockey-puck-esque traps we put out as if to laugh at our lame attempt to catch them. This little lady was not a happy camper. Poor Patrick missed going to a basketball game in NJ that night because he stayed with me to deal with the exterminator we hired (thanks for nothing, landlord). His name was Robert and he was a total Godsend. I asked him 47 questions starting with, "Are you afraid of mice? No? GOOD!" He set out glue traps (awful, but apparently the most effective), sealed up possible entry points, sprinkled poison, and wished us good luck. No lie...3 minutes after Robert left? We caught one. For the next two nights, we slept with the lights and TV on gasping at any strange noise. Keep in mind...with thin walls, multiple neighbors, multiple ultrasonic mouse repellers I purchased out of pure desperation, and an old building...there are a lot of strange noises. Hence the exhaustion. As of this morning, we've caught three. That's right. Three blind icky mice.


We are seriously considering adopting a kitten. (Slash finding a new apartment...)

Here's hoping we are done with this calamity. And fingers crossed any other critters get the memo that our home isn't very fun. I just wanna walk to the bathroom without wearing ginormous rubber boots, carrying a broom, and making Patrick come with. Is that too much to ask?
Anyways, I hope your weekend had just as many peaks and not as many pits :)

p.s. I hope you like my new blog header!

until next time,