Friday Link Love

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Happy Friday, you guyyys. Fun weekend plans? I will mostly be working on design projects, tackling errands/to-dos, making important lists, and cleaning/organizing the apartment after last weekend's Mickey misfortune. We started yesterday with a late-night cleaning spree in the kitchen. Yup, we're taking back our home one spray of Lysol at a time. I'm also looking forward to bootcamp, continuing Gone Girl (so good!), church, catching up with a girlfriend, & the Oscars!
p to the s :: some link love for your day ~

8 new punctuation marks we desperately need.

listen to this Pitch Perfect mix. 100% guaranteed to brighten your day.

do you wear glasses? this brand looks cute.

there's a new Meatball Shop in Chelsea!

this made me laugh.

the definition of style per Rachel Zoe.

the trailer for MZ Wallace's portrait project.

i would have killed Patrick.

pretty gift wrap.

these tights would make for a fun transition into spring.

i wish i had an iPad just so i could use this.

Cathy, Jenny, Sally, & Rosy are such dolls.

an Oscar ballot & bingo game. (havin' a party? make this. then be sure & invite me.)

windows of New York illustration project.

loving this bag collection.

and finally, keep this in mind.

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