My Favorite Red Carpet Looks

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Here are a few of my favorite Red Carpet looks from the Academy Awards last night!

Jessica Chastain.
Does she have the most gorgeous skin, or what?

Amanda Seyfried. 
Can't go wrong with Alexander McQueen + that eye makeup.

I love the bedazzled bodice on Kerry Washington.

This neckline on Louise Roe is stunning.
Also, those eyebrows!

Naomi Watts in perhaps my favorite dress of the night.

When's the last time you saw Jen Aniston in a full-skirted dress?
The color and material are gorgeous. It would have been even better had she done something with her hair even though we know that's a no-no in her book.

Stacy Kiebler is a total bombshell. My favorite back-of-a-dress look!

Charlize Theron exudes confidence. 
I love the white. And I love the short hair.

75 years old, ladies and gentleman. Jane Fonda is doing something right.

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Anne Hathaway's dress was atrocious not my favorite look of the night.
However,  I really liked the dress she wore when she performed. Anyone else catch that?

Five other best moments according to the little lady?
1. Jennifer Hudson's voice. Amaze.
2. Daniel Day-Lewis' heartfelt speech.
3. Jennifer Lawrence tripping up the stairs on her way to accept her award for Best Actress.
(See?! Movie stars trip, too!)
5. Argo for the win. Such a great movie.

What were your favorite looks & moments?

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