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Patrick was out of town this past weekend so I had a chance to truly unplug, decompress and catch my breath. Alone time is rare these days living in a jam-packed city and a jam-packed apartment and a jam-packed life. I leave work and I just want to zone out and listen to music and have a leisurely commute home. More often than not? I'm dodging tourists on the sidewalk then I'm squished between the subway pole and a sweaty/smelly person while my heavy purse dents my arm and I nearly suffocate inside my puffer coat. It's a cute look, lemme tell ya. And then I'm either going to the gym and changing in a small/confined locker room filled with one too many nekkid women or I'm going to the grocery store and trying to navigate my way down the narrow aisles that only allow for a one-way flow of traffic... a maddening obstacle for us New Yorkers who always seem to be in a big ol' rush. Once I'm finished with the gym and errands, I walk into a 450sq. foot apartment in which I cohabitate with a giant.

One of the things I've had to work on (and am still working on) in this stage #637 of our relationship ;) is how I act when I walk through the front door. Most nights, Patrick is home before I am...and since I haven't had a moment to myself and since I know I still have plenty more work to get done that night, I walk in with a chip on my shoulder. If I walk into a mess or dirty dishes, I heavy sigh. If he asks me how work was, the gym was, if I saw the funny video of some dog, I sharply retort since I'm still trying to take off my shoes and coat. Why is this? Am I a terrible person? I'm being completely honest over here, but maybe I'm the only one who finds themselves ever behaving like this and you're chalking me up to be some evil witch. Trust me, I wish I could be the person that throws open the door and exclaims with my arms in the air, "Hi, honey!! How ARE you? Tell me everything!" While I realize that might be a stretch, I am trying to improve.

I read something recently that said, "Forget the troubles of your day before you greet someone." (And I was all, write that down.) I think it can happen in various scenarios, too. Like, have you ever met up with a friend and the first thing out of their mouth is one long rant? They stand there complaining, "Ugh you will not BELIEVE my day!" and 30 minutes later they finally say hello? And maybe ask how YOU are? It's a little off-putting.

In an effort to recognize ways in which I can self-improve, I am going to try and remember that sentiment above whenever I'm greeting someone...whether it's on the phone, in person, and particularly, when I walk through that front door. Even if it requires me to walk around the block once more or stand on my stoop and take a deep breath, I gotta dismiss those silly troubles of my day before I say hello :)

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