Happy Friday!

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Ready for the weekend? I ammm. I will be doing two things, mostly -- working on invitation & illustration projects and spending time with family members who are comin' to town! eeee!!! I can't wait see them. Anything going on for you? I feel like a lot of people are leaving for fun trips?! Do tell!

here are some links for your day ::

me right now.

the Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx opens tomorrow.

arguing with your significant other goes something like this.

how to wash & whiten your yellowed pillows.

Birchbox for your dog = BarkBox.

i want a whole wall of these animal pictures.

Tom Hanks' Broadway debut opens tonight. It was one of Nora Ephron's final works and I'm dying to see it!

wouldn't this print of the Lumineers' lyrics be sweet in a baby's room?

these espadrilles would go with everything this spring & summer.

now that you've seen & giggled over this interview of Jennifer Lawrence, check out this. (saw it linked on this blog!)

my mother sent me this image in honor of National Pig Day today. Every year at Christmas, I receive something that is pig-related. A pig ice cream scoop, pig slippers, you name it. Why? Not entirely sure, but I do make a really good pig noise :)

such a cute dress for under $35.

i'm eyeing these viv & ingrid apple earrings!

3 amazing tips for having house guests. are you going to be a guest? take this as a cheeky gift.

and finally, keep this in mind.

p.s. Guess who's going to Alt Summit Design NYC in June?!?!?! THIS GIRL! Tickets did sure sell out fast - I was refreshing my page like a maniac! Anyone else out there going? I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.

have a fantastic weekend, you guys!

until next time,