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As you read earlier, we had cause for a little celebration tonight!

Patrick picked the restaurant for a birthday date, an Italian spot in SoHo called Rubirosa
Neither of us had been before, but I can say with certainty that we will be back. 

(half Vodka / half Supreme)

We both loved it! 
Let's just say I've had a lot of pizza in this big city, and I have finally found my favorite. 
*Sigh* I wish you had a scratch & sniff screen. 
I'm serious. The taste was unreal. If you live in NYC, you must go.

We hung out in our little corner of the restaurant, chit chattin' for a couple of hours
 (doesn't get much better if you ask me), before heading back to Chelsea for gifts & cake.

(Anyone want to come help us eat this?)

necessary documentation :)


Happy Bday, 'rick.
I hope 27 is your favorite. year. yet.

until next time,