Have a Pretty Weekend!

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I'd like to begin with a huge thank you! to those you commented and emailed about my personal documents' organizational system. You guys are the best. Here's a little summarization of the feedback --

  • eWallet is a handy-dandy / user-friendly app for storing all of your passwords. You only have to remember the one password to access the app. A much better idea than writing it all down in a notebook and taking the risk of losing it.
  • Rolodexes are still hip. I'm in the market if you know of a cool one. Creating an Excel sheet of business card contacts would also prove helpful!
  • Saving documents under Google drive allows you to access them from wherever. Smart! 
  • It's good to consider the scenario of, "if a file disappears, could you replicate it?" Copies & back-up are important.
  • Don't forget to write down all the important info/phone numbers/etc. on your credit cards somewhere safe. If you lose your wallet and want to cancel your cards, you won't be able to use them as a reference. Do the same for your phone - back up the numbers, important notes you've taken, photos, etc.
Also, let's have a moment of silence for Google Reader going extinct. So sad. Slash annoying. What are you guys going to use now? If you'd like, follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking on the button in my right-hand sidebar. (pssst! Bloglovin' also allows you to import all of your blogs/websites from Google Reader!)

Now onto your weekend. Plans? Don't forget to wear green on Sunday ;) I have to mail off some commissioned projects (eee! packaging it all up is such an exciting part), gotta keep working on a dog drawing and start two calligraphy projects, one of which is for my on-the-way nephew's baby shower! The highlight of my weekend, though, will be seeing Patrick's sister & her husband who are coming down for a quick trip. Can't wait :)

||| link time |||

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