Recent Calligraphy Projects

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Much of my free-time lately has been dedicated to art projects, most of them involving calligraphy. I delivered wedding invitations to a bride yesterday and the second I opened the box, she broke down in happy tears in the middle of Fifth Ave. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. Moments like that? They provide all the motivation I need.
Each and every calligraphy project begins with me choosing a nib (the interchangeable tips of the pen that you dip into the ink) from a teeny tiny glass holder I keep them in and sitting down with paper and a pod of ink -- there is something so peaceful and therapeutic about the practice itself. I hold the pen like a paintbrush instead of a pencil and it feels very much like I'm drawing the words instead of writing them. Realizing that the typical strokes I use with a ballpoint pen wouldn't translate the same way was half the battle of learning the technique in the first place. I recently purchased an oblique nib holder to try and master a more slanted look so that's my next little challenge. Wish me luck!
While I don't have pictures to share of all of my recent work, I thought I'd post a few ---
Here is a sample of some personalized stationery I designed.
I am considering adding this option to my Etsy store...

 Here are some notecards I designed for a bride to send to her 'maids.

And here are some little place card signs I did for my sister-in-law's upcoming baby shower.
We're doing a nursery rhyme theme :)
(Don't worry - she won't see this!)
  We can't wait to meet you, little Oliver!
Those little swirly lines? They're called flourishes.
And I hold my breath the entire time I do them, haha!
Linda Schneider, an instructor at The Society of Scribes here in the city, is a pro at them.
Recognize this card & this card? I recently bought her book to try and learn a few tricks :)
until next time,