An Illustration of My Weekend

illustrationVirginia HartComment
I spent the majority of my weekend collecting old projects, starting new projects, and planning out some goals of mine. I was recently given the genius advice of, "Make time for meetings with yourself." It sounds sorta crazy, but it makes complete sense when you feel like you're juggling an assortment of projects and you're the person to whom you're reporting. You have to hold yourself accountable - otherwise, you'll never get anything done. It helps to set aside real time for things like responding to emails and organizing computer image files and planning out the months ahead. If you don't block out an hour to do the annoying maintenance tasks, you will inevitably avoid them for too long.

This mindset can help in other areas of your life, too. Make time for the silly little tasks you know you have to get done. Or! Squeeze them between other things throughout your day. I had an extra 20 minutes before I needed to head out the door on Saturday and instead of scanning through my social media sites on my phone (what a time suck, yes?), I pushed open my closet doors and grabbed everything I never wear and put it in a shopping bag. I know there's more in there that I need to get rid of, but I can only process purging little by little. Then I cleaned my makeup brushes with this special shampoo and I quickly Windex'ed the bathroom mirror and faucets. 20 minutes later? 3 not-very-fun tasks completed. Boom.

Patrick was out of town Saturday night and I stayed up suuuper late (too embarrassed to admit how late) and had one of those nights that reminded me of the main character in P.S. I Love You when she discovers she wants to design shoes and she can't sleep until she gets it all out of her system and her entire bedroom is covered in sketch-filled papers. (Anyone know what I'm talkin' about?)

I woke up yesterday and started working again and was so inspired by my surroundings that I wanted to snap a pic. Instead! I decided to illustrate it...which is what you see above. It wasn't planned, it wasn't necessarily productive, but it sure was fun! And that's okay, too :)

until next time,