Thursday Thought

inspirationVirginia Hart2 Comments

With terrible tragedies splashed all over the news, it can be easy to fall into some deep dark hole of negativity, cynicism & anger. May it instead push us to reflect on what's important. Life is fleeting. Let's find enjoyment in the long, tiring Thursdays. Let's cherish the freezing cold winter days. Let's make sure we are appreciating life instead of just trying to get through it. Let's make time to truly focus on our individual beliefs & value systems. Let's reevaluate what we're spending the majority of our time doing -- and let's dismiss anything not worth our time. Let's try and wake up each day and choose to be smiley and kind even if we have to force that habit to form. Let's figure out what real happiness means to us, chase it down, and live immersed in it every. single. day.
May you genuinely enjoy
 your long, tiring Thursday.

until next time,