Enjoy Your Weekend!

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H e l l o ! 

As you might notice, today's Friday post is coming a little later than normal. We didn't get home from a baseball game until 1:30 this morning so needless to say, I didn't feel like blogging.

If you're like me, you've spent today in a daze while watching/reading the news and thinking, is this really happening? What a night. What a week. Can we give a standing ovation to our law enforcement? much gratitude. I will continue to think about & pray for those directly affected by tragic events both in Boston & Texas these past few days.

Fun plans this weekend? I'm looking forward to helping my old roommate figure out what to pack for her upcoming trip to New Zealand while we gab over coffee Sunday morning. Let's be honest...I'll probably play dress-up in all her fun clothes & accessories, too. In boarding school, I'd march upstairs with my towel still on my head, a disheveled mess in serious need of fashion help. And she always saved the day. It was the same when we lived together here in the city, but now? I live with a silly boy who doesn't notice the difference between one earring choice from the next. Hmph. Other than that, I'll be starting new projects for clients & designing some new biz cards - woohoo!

Alright, I think I need sleep. Running on empty over here as I'm half awake on the couch. I did pick up my Mother's Day cards from the print shop tonight which was exciting. By the way, they're "interactive." You'll see :) 

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Enjoy your weekend!

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